The Summit Adventure Immersion Service and Adventure Semester

The Summit Adventure Immersion Service and Adventure Semester gives college students and gap year participants opportunities to immerse themselves in powerful outdoor adventure and cross-cultural service learning. The High Sierra of Central California and the Andes around QuitoEcuador provide the settings for academic courses in leadershipcommunication,spiritual formationcross-cultural ministry, and outdoor physical education. These courses offer between 16-18 credits which can be transferred directly to any student’s college or university. Three months of Christ-centered adventure-based learning and community living in high mountains and foreign cultures will change you forever.

Semester Program Components

  1. Leadership Education – 3 credit hours
  2. Small Group and Interpersonal Communication – 3 credit hours
  3. Cross-Cultural Ministry – 3 credit hours
  4. Spiritual Formation – 3 credit hours
  5. Outdoor Physical Education – 4 credit hours
Sierra Route   Ecuador Mountaineering   Ecuador ChildrenThis is the opportunity of a lifetime. Serve in a developing nation,climb to 19,000’ in the Andesbackpack and ski in Yosemite National Park, all the while learning about each experience from a Christian academic perspective. When you’re not having classes in Ecuador, living with an Ecuadorian family, or exploring Yosemite, you’ll get to live in Summit Adventure’s Basecamp, a rustic cabin heated by a wood-burning stove. This semester is rigorous in its demands, academically, physically, and spiritually. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.